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Advisory: This blog piece is an intimate description Viggo's home funeral. It contains imagery that may be difficult to read and see. When our third child Viggo was born early via emergency c-section, his dad accompanied him to “the nest” where neonatologists immediately hooked him up to CPAP and leads to monitor his vitals. Theron stayed with Viggo until he was safely tucked into his NICU isolette, when he finally slipped away just long enough to find me in my hospital room and wheel me down to see our newborn. From those first moments onward, we hovered around our son, leaving only to sleep. We learned to do all of his care, how to administer his medicines and navigate the machines and treatments he needed hour by hour, minute by minute. When he had surgery, we accompanied him as far as we were allowed, then waited just outside in the OR waiting room. When Viggo was admitted to the PICU, we took turns sleeping in his room. We never left him.  This level of attachment came natural